Harry Styles

Harry Styles: How He Reacts To Sexy Girls Wanting To Date Him

Harry Styles Girls

Fameflynet/Courtesy of GQ/Instagram

For Harry Styles, he’ll never get used to being wanted by every girl in the room. In fact, he recently admitted to HollywoodLife.com that while people all assume girls flaunt over him, they actually don’t! How is that possible?

“I think everyone thinks that happens,” Harry Styles told HollywoodLife.com backstage at The X-Factor, on Nov. 20. The boys took the stage to perform their hit song, “Story of My Life,” but not before telling us just what that story entailed.

Harry Styles: We’re Sophisticated With Girls

“Really, we are quite sophisticated and we just have a cup of tea,” Liam Payne said about how he acts with women. Harry naturally agreed.

Do you believe Harry rarely gets hit on?
No way!Maybe?

“As he said it, it’s more mature!” Harry added in. “So we like a rich tea and biscuits and elbow pads on our sweaters and lots of suede and corduroy trousers.”
Well we like how that sounds!

Harry Styles Is Single, But Enjoying Dating

While Harry admitted on Good Morning America Nov. 26 that he was single, that doesn’t mean he’s not playing the field! He’s actually snagged the eye of many ladies – Taylor SwiftCara Delevingne, and most recently, Kendall Jenner.
He and Kendall were spotted out on a date on Nov. 20, then engaged in a cute hug at the AMAs Nov. 24. However, one of the reasons they’re not settling down is because of their busy schedules.
“She really likes him,” a source close to the 1D star told HollywoodLife.com exclusively. “But their schedules rarely mesh, which is relationship poison.”
However, the chemistry is definitely there! It all started with business, but quickly turned into pleasure.
“They were originally put together on dates to get him in the news for album selling purposes, and to make Kendall get some news as well,” the source added. “But they actually became friendly from it!”


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