How to Dress Sexy

How to Dress Sexy (for Larger Women)

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People who are thin don’t have to have all the fun! There are ways for us on the bigger side to rock it too! Here are some ways to feel more confident and still have fun!



  1. Dress Sexy for Larger Women Step 1.jpg

    Begin with the wardrobe. If you normally walk around in a pair of tired old sweats and a baggy tee…let’s have some fun and update!

  2. Dress Sexy for Larger Women Step 2.jpg

    Select hot outfits. Just because finding clothes is harder doesn’t mean you can’t still find hot outfits! Try any store you like, even the thrift shops! Make sure your clothes are not tight!

  3. Dress Sexy for Larger Women Step 3.jpg

    Look curvy and sexy. For a sophisticated look go for darker jeans. the low-rise kind will hug your curves which is just want you want and prevent the bulge you get around the front of the crotch and fly of your jeans if you have a very large stomach.

  4. Dress Sexy for Larger Women Step 4.jpg

    Provide coverage, if desired. If you don’t like to show your arms, try a black sheer hang jacket. Sexy clothing doesn’t have to show too much.

  5. Dress Sexy for Larger Women Step 5.jpg

    Wear sexy underwear. The one thing that is going to help any outfit, thick or thin, big or small, whatever you describe yourself as is the right starting point. Do not be fooled into thinking that control underwear is not flattering, in fact with the epic range available to us as ladies now, its possible to find beautiful underwear that is both practical and pretty.If you’re lucky enough to not have to wear shape wear, but are still a little self conscious, try vintage underwear! The women in the 50’s knew how to make their underwear work for them, while still making everything practical and comfy. If you have a large bust, try a balconette bra with high-waisted pants or briefs. If you’re a little larger round the bottom, search for bikini briefs that have a wait line sitting under your belly button. French knickers are perfect for those of us with a little more in the back, as they show off your bottom and give the illusion of a smaller stomach.As for your top half, you are lucky enough to pull of the three quarter bra. These look like tops that hit your waist, in case I am not describing it right. They slip your top half and accentuate your tiny waist.

  6. Dress Sexy for Larger Women Step 6.jpg

    Wear one color. You don’t want to be cut in half. Stick to deeper shades. If you have to wear two colors, wear the darker on the bottom and the lighter color on on top.

  7. Dress Sexy for Larger Women Step 7.jpg

    Belts can give you a nice waistline. It’s best to go with thicker black ones or have it match the shirt or jacket you’re wearing.

  8. Dress Sexy for Larger Women Step 8.jpg

    Only wear skirts that at least go to your knees. Also wear leggings or tights underneath skirts to reduce the appearance of fat.

  9. Dress Sexy for Larger Women Step 9.jpg

    Stay away from broomstick skirts! Even if you are digging the bohemian look, these are not attractive on anyone!

  10. Dress Sexy for Larger Women Step 10.jpg

    Go for sexy well-fitted jeans. Wide legs are good if you have a big, voluptuous booty. Skinny jeans are still in style and look great on a lot of bigger girls.

  11. Dress Sexy for Larger Women Step 11.jpg

    Be moderate with your cleavage.As with everything, it’s a case of more is less with your chest area. Chances are that you have a large chest…you don’t need to show all of the skin.The problem that often occurs is that top with elastic get loser and looser during the day, so perhaps invest in a few cute vests to pop under your shirt, just to ensure that the girls are covered from day to night. You could also try panels. Lace or mesh panels are excellent at covering you up, but giving a little hint of what is underneath!

  12. Dress Sexy for Larger Women Step 13.jpg

    Be confident, which is the sexiest thing of all. Guys will look your way if they know you are a woman of confidence.

  13. Dress Sexy for Larger Women Step 14.jpg

    Play up with hot necklaces and shoes. Go for reasonably high heels and trendy flats.

  14. Dress Sexy for Larger Women Step 15.jpg

    Have flawless skin. Use an exfoliating scrub. When you get out of the shower, apply non-oily moisturizer (Try one with a shimmering effect!) to your body and face moisturizer to your face. Wash your face at least once a day with gentle soap such as Dove. Shower at least once a day, as well as any time you get sweaty.

  15. Dress Sexy for Larger Women Step 16.jpg

    Apply beautiful light makeup. Use a foundation that matches your skin tone, a good way to tell is testing them on your jaw line, which is the least affected by sun, and then no sun. Its the most consistent part of your face. Then apply white shadow from your lash line to your brows, and a hint of shadow to your lids. Choose something that is complementary to your complexion, or, if you are unsure, stick to a neutral palette or grey works well with most skin tones. Use light mascara and some Chapstick, or be daring and try a vixen red lipstick; but remember to stick to the one or the other rule. Either use a bright or bold lip colour with neutral eyes, or go all out with big eyes and a neutral or natural lip. .

  16. Dress Sexy for Larger Women Step 17.jpg

    Hair Power! Your hair can do wonders for your confidence, and finding a way that makes you feel good is always a brilliant day! Experiment with your style, try using YouTube for inspiration and choose something that is both practical for what you have planned for the day, but also feminine and very,very you!.


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