Winter Lip Care 101

Winter Lip Care 101

In winter, we lose plenty of moisture from our skin, and this is one condition, which is really impossible to avoid. The dry and cold wind conditions are such that it strips us of the natural moisture content that we generate, which makes it is essential for us to replenish the lost moisture externally. And lip care is just as essential as care for the rest of the body!

Why is lip care essential?

Most of us know that our facial skin is ten times thinner than the rest of the body and thus it contains oil glands for its protection. But the skin on our lips doesn’t contain oil glands at all. This is why during winters they become dry, crack and even bleed some times.

Hence it becomes very important for us to take proper care of it. Let us now understand the reasons as to why we have chapped lips.

chapped lips

The Reasons for Chapped Lips

1. During winter season, cold and dry conditions contribute to chapping of lips as the surroundings tend to strip our skin of its moisture.
2. The older you get, the higher are the chances for lips to dry.
3. Biting and licking lips is the worst habit we usually have, which adds to dry and bleeding lips.
4. Constantly touching our lips using our hands also leave behind bacteria, which then could aggravate chapped lips problem.

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