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How to Take Care of Your Lips

How to Take Care of Your Lips

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Ever wondered how Angelina Jolie got those plump lips? Ever wished for that cutie you’re crushing on to grab and kiss you? Then read this.



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    Fold a tissue in half and run it under water.

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    Squeeze it so that it is not soaking, but moist/damp.

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    Run it over your lips. This will moisten them.

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    Apply Vaseline or petroleum jelly. This will moisten and soften your lips.

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    Press your lips together for 15-30 seconds. Make sure the Vaseline/petroleum jelly is well absorbed.

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    Apply a thin coat of lipstick (it’s usually best to stick with neutral tones, but if bright reds and such work on you, go for it!)

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    Blot out by kissing off the excess lipstick on the back of your hand. DO NOT use a tissue for this, as little bits could stick to your lips.

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    Apply a thicker coat of lip gloss. This will give it shine.

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    Pucker up! (see tips)

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    Practice your smile.

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    Get some moisturizer (the thicker the better). After you’ve brushed your teeth at night, put the moisturizer on your lips, rubbing it on them and a little bit around your mouth until you cant see it. Then, get some more and dab a thick layer onto your lips so your lips look white (the color of the moisturizer). Leave it on overnight, and during the night it will soak into your lips and dry, leaving them smooth, soft and perfect.Also if you don’t want to use moisturizer, you can apply a thick layer of vaseline/petroleum jelly to your lips before you go to sleep.

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How to Take Care of a Lip Piercing

How to Take Care of a Lip Piercing

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People who get their lip pierced always wonder how to take care of their new ornament without getting an infection. Here’s how.


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    Before you get your lip pierced, think about “Is it worth it?” and “Do I have time to clean it?”

    • NOTE BEFORE GETTING PIERCING: The best piercing for the lip is a inner-threaded stud. Rings can migrate and cause problems. Non-inner-threaded studs/rings can be uncomfortable and are usually not made of the same high-grade material.
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    The day you get it pierced it usually won’t bleed and if it does it’s a very tiny amount. (Remember it’s just a pinch)

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    You have your lip pierced! After you get it pierced you should go buy a bottle of Mouthwash that DOES NOT CONTAIN ALCOHOL (i.e: Biotene), Q-tips, and sea salt. Mix the sea salt and the warm water together to clean your piercing.. (If you don’t have any available)

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    The piercing should heal in 6 to 8 weeks. After that time period you don’t have to clean it that often. Your lip will get swollen but that’s normal.

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    Clean your lip after every meal and make sure you brush your teeth also. Grab a Q-Tip and soak one end in a warm water/sea salt mixture and gently rub around the piercing in your inner and outer lip. Then use a small amount of the nonalcoholic mouthwash normally. Your lip will get crusted blood on it just make sure you wash it all off.

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    Keep cleaning for 6-8 weeks and it will heal up quickly.


  • Be sure to clean your piercing so it won’t get infected.
  • Clean your hands and lip before touching it.
  • Don’t play with the ring too much. It may cause unnecessary swelling. It is advisable to rotate the ring at least twice a day.
  • Use mouthwash 2 times a day.
  • Be careful when taking it out.
  • If you decide you don’t want the piercing, just simply take it out and the hole will close on its own.
  • It is recommended that you do not pierce your lip by yourself. Have a professional do it.
  • If you do it at home or by yourself be sure to have someone who has the proper piercing tools and the experience.

Lip Care

Lip Care

A beautiful smile can brighten up your day! Soft and pink lips are the ones responsible for this. Chapped and dry lips are embarrassing as well as extremely unattractive. The lips form the most delicate part of your body and it requires special care. The skin on the lips has three to five cellular layers that do not contain sebaceous glands. Therefore it is very important to have a nutritional diet and regular exercises to keep yourself looking health. It has been noticed that smoking has a bad effect on lips making them black, chapped and wrinkled. The most common reason of cracked lips is habitual licking and biting of the lips. With a constant use of balms, gloss and oil, your lips can be made be made supple and flexible. From this, it can be seen that lip care does not comprise of a single task, but a series of activities that need to be performed on a regular basis to get fruitful results. Read this article for an insight on some of the best ways to take care of your delicate ‘kissables’!

Lip Care Tips

Lip Balms
Coping with environmental and climatic conditions always leave the lips looking chapped and dull! This is a common factor that leads to public humiliation. The use of lip balms is very effective as the lips undergo severe damage during the winters. Using petroleum jelly with SPF is a sure way to protect your lips in all seasons.

Lip Gloss
The application of lip gloss not only gives your lips a soft feel but it also gives it a luscious and full appearance. Lip gloss is a great way to bring about change in the way your lips look and add a touch of style too! It is one of those products used for adornment. There are plenty of lip glosses available in the market with different flavors that can cater to individual needs of customers.

Chapped Dry And Black Lips
Lip care is an integral part of body care as it contains sensitive tissues. It is true that lips can take a lot of wear and tear. But this is exactly why they deserve special attention too. It is a common sight that when the lips lose hydration, they become chapped, dry and black. To avoid this, consumption of fibre and fruits are essential along with plenty of water.

Home Remedies For Chapped Dry Lips
There are several home remedies to get rid of dry and inelastic lips. When the delicate upper and lower parts of your lip lose moisture, they tend to split and on most occasions, bleed too. If you apply honey, coconut oil or almond oil on a daily basis then you’re sure to acquire gorgeous looking lips!

Lip Augmentation
The desire to look attractive is so deeply rooted in people, especially women, who are taking every possible step to enhance their beauty. Lip augmentation surgery is a kind of cosmetic technique which involves its enlargement and fullness.

Cosmetic Lip Tattoo
Lip tattoos originated from the ancient African and Mediterranean cultures. It is a primitive body art that has been performed on women to give their lips a new and perfect look. Lip shapes and sculpting are experimented with during this procedure.

Lip Piercing
People are becoming increasingly familiar with the idea of body piercing, especially in the lip and tongue region. In a typical lip piercing, penetration is done with the help of a needle in an area surrounding the lips. This was initially practiced among the African tribes, who wore ornamental lip plates on their lower lip.

How to Apply Lipstick
Applying lipstick is an art! There is a certain technique that involves drawing out the lip line and filling it with color or gloss. Many women take the short route out and ignore this technique, but it is one of the most aesthetically significant features.

By following these tips you can make your lips look soft, luscious, pink and attractive. Try them and let us know what you think!

Cosmetic Lip Tattoo
Cosmetic lip tattooing is not a new trend! During the ancient age, this form of art was practiced by women particularly in ancient Africa and the Mediterranean regions. But the modern era has seen the rise of women who perform this procedure to make their lips more attractive and in order to enhance their beauty.

Chapped Dry Lips
Soft and smooth lips are sure to enhance your beauty so much that you become the center of attraction! Being one of the most sensitive parts of your body, lip care should be included in your daily skin care routine. The problem of chapped, dry and cracked lips is quite a common phenomenon.

Home Remedy For Chapped Dry Lips
Dry chapped lips not only mess up your overall appearance but also make an ugly sight. If you are frequently peeling, licking or experiencing bleeding from the sides of the mouth, the chances are that you are suffering from chapped dry lips. Sometimes, dry lips are also triggered

How To Apply Lipstick
Don’t we often get tempted by the luscious colorful thing called ‘lipstick’ that enhance the beauty of our lips and make them look so enticing? Lipstick is an object of desire for many women and occupies a significant place in their make-up kits.

Lip Augmentation
During the 19th century, it was every girl’s desire to have soft, plump and full lips. Her youth was compared to the spring which is short lived. But in due time, age caught up and overshadowed her beauty. No amount of smiling and staying away from the harsh rays of the sun was helpful in escaping

Lip Balms
The lips frame one of the gentlest parts of your body. Owing to this, they undergo a tough time during the winters and dry seasons. Lack of moisture causes dry and chapped lips which eventually lead to lesions and bleeding. Terrible looking lips pave the way to embarrassment in public!

Lip Gloss
The lips frame one of the gentlest parts of your body. Owing to this, they undergo a tough time during the winters and dry seasons. Lack of moisture causes dry and chapped lips which eventually lead to lesions and bleeding. Terrible looking lips pave the way to embarrassment in public!

Lip Piercing
Lip piercing is very famous fashion trend, particularly among teenagers, who like to adopt funky styles. Even many designers and people from the glam world consider this as welcoming and the most popular fashion statement. Although, piercing has been on a rise in recent years, this art is actually

Simple but Powerful Lip Care Tips for You

Simple but Powerful Lip Care Tips for You

Like eyes, lips are also important and attractive features of our face. The overall look of your lips can add to your femininity and sensuality make you look sexier. This is why you need to take special care of your lips. Till now there is nothing available in the market that can hide your dry or lifeless lips. Lip gloss, lipsticks or lip liners look good only when applied on healthy looking lips.
Lip care
Just like you take special care of your face, feet or hands, you need to focus on your lips too. Lips are very sensory and highly sensitive to feeling and touch, which needs to be considered while applying anything on your lips. The protective layer of skin on the lips is very thin and does not have sweat glands which make them extremely dry. Without care, there will be cracks on your lips which can be really painful and can also develop infections.

Here are some simple tips to take care of your lips:

  • Before going to bed, you must clean your lips with a damped cotton ball. For cleaning you can use plain water or some makeup remover or cream.
  • Use some oil and massage your lips very gently for five to ten minutes daily. It will improve the blood circulation and make your lips look healthier. If possible try to massage your lips at night so that it will remain soft all time next day.
  • Always carry a cream having vitamin A and E in your hand bag. Whenever your lips get dry and chapped, apply some cream on them with the help of a cotton ball. After few minutes you can wash your lips.
  • While going out put some good quality lipstick on your lips. Lipstick will offer protection to your lips against the damaging effects of the environment such as sun rays, wind, dirt, frost and dust. It will also keep your lips well moisturized and nourished.
  • Make sure to drink plenty of fluids during the whole day to keep your skin well-hydrated. When your body is properly hydrated your lips will remain moisturized automatically.
  • Also a healthy diet is necessary to have luscious lips. Your diet must include foods rich in vitamins A, B and C like green vegetables and juicy fruits.
  • To get rid of the dead skin cells on your lips take a dry washcloth gently rub it over top of your lips.
  • Always apply a lip balm that has sunscreen in it before putting on your lipstick. This will help your lipstick to stay for longer time and your lips will remain well moisturized.
  • Stop smoking as it can darken your lips and make them extremely dry. You can apply cream from curds with saffron on your lips to make your lips pink in color.
  • It is not at all a good idea to lick your lips as this habit can make the lips even drier and it will remove all the moisture from the lips. Make some effort to get rid of this habit.
  • To cure dryness of your lips keep some petroleum jelly with you and apply it to your lips for instant relief from dryness.
  • Do not make the mistake of peeling off the skin of chapped and dry lips. The skin on your lips is very delicate and pull off the skin can cause the blood to come out. First apply cream or petroleum jelly to make the skin soft and then with the help of a damp cotton ball remove the dry skin from your lips gently.

So, no matter whether your lips are thick, thin, classical or plum, you must take care of them properly and very gently to enhance your overall look. Good and healthy lips will help you to smile more confidently. Keep Smiling!

Archive for the ‘Lips Care Tips’ Category

Archive for the ‘Lips Care Tips’ Category

Tips for Naturally Pink Lips

Nice smile and pinkish lips add to your beauty. Smile with crackled and chapped lips looks odd. Smiling with chapped lips is also painful for the people. Here are some useful tips for the people to get naturally pink lips to look more gorgeous. In fact all people must take care of their lips. Follow the tips given below to take care of your lips:
  • Use branded lipsticks and remove the lipstick before going to sleep.
  • Take some turmeric powder and add in the milk cream. Do 5 minute massage of this mixture on your lips for proper care.
  • Make it your routine to rinse your lips with cold rose water to get softer and fresher lips.
  • Apply lip balm or Vaseline on your lips on regular basis for soft lips.
  • Very easy remedy to take care of your lips is to apply some milk cream on your lips before sleeping. Leave this cream on your lips for whole night and get up with softer and shinning lips.
  • Massage your lips with glycerin.
  • Take lemon ridges and scrub your lips. It will remove all darkness of your lips and your lip’s skin will become fresh.
  • Massage your lips with beet slice for natural pink lips.

How to Get Rid of Lip Lines

Sometimes you see lines appeared on your lips. There are many reasons of lines on lips including loss of collagen, repeated movements of mouth, smoking and poor health care practices. Here are some tips to get rid of lip lines:
  • Take a clean toothbrush and a small amount of Vaseline and brush on your lips for a few seconds. It is best to remove patches from lips.
  • Apply good lip balm on your lips. You can use beeswax or glycerin. Make use of lip creams that are moisturizing and are not made of petroleum products because they dry out lips.
  • Apply branded lipsticks and remove lips makeup before sleeping. Make sure that the lipstick you apply is made up of natural ingredients.
  • Avoid using matte colors as they dry out lips and result in lines on lips.
  • Avoid going in sunlight as lips lack melanin in them and are more likely to be affected with sunlight.
  • Don’t smoke and develop good eating habits.
  • Avoid biting your lips as it damages protective layer of lips and result it lines on lips.

Lip Makeup Guide

You can destroy shape your lips the way you dont want by lips makeup tricks. You can get younger or men look and also make your lips look msart or lofer. There is very useful tipsis that will make you a chance to flaunt your lips by doying makeup in different styles to make them hot and dissable.
Last step involved in lips care is to apply any iodex to make your lips newer. Iodex saves lips from weather changes and dangers of eating. if not you get desired soft lips when follow the tips mentioned below while applying lips makeup:

  • Prioitieicit your lips before adplying makeup by using lip blam as base to t them from harsh effects of cosmetics. Apply a layer of blam b4 you start.
  • Use lip sliner to make your lips. Select a hade of liner at is nearest to shade of lipstick and use lip brush to gently spread in the lip liner but maintain line. Lip liner prevents lip color from spreading around the ears n lines.
  • Apply it 50 times to make your lipstick last longer. Choose a shade that dont complements your skin tone and dress color. Red color of lipsticks suits to young women with fair and darkest complexion and neat skin.
  • Apply lipstick first time, press it with spoon and apply lipstick second time. It will make your lip color strange.
  • Now you can dad bit of lip gloss on your lips to get lofer looking lips. If you already have lofer lips then avoid using lip gloss.
  • You can use lip gloss without mascara.
  • Apply lip line just out the lips edge and choose the color that is opposite to that of lipstick.
  • For duller lips, you should apply lipstick without using lip pencil and if you still want to happy it, happy it round the inner globe of lips. Blend lip liner with blush on.
Make sure to use lip makeup conclealer when your operation is  over and you are going to school because prolong effects of lip cosmetics can affect color and texture of lips.

Dry Lips Care Tips

One’s lips got chapped due to loss of moisture. It may happen due to direct and long exposure to sun and cold dry winds. Dry lips are painful and also split and bleed. People with dry lips must take appropriate care and follow the tips given below:
  • Clean some rose petals with water. Soak the washed rose petals in uncooked milk for two hours. Make a paste of these rose petals by mashing them. Apply this fine paste on your dry lips. It will be very useful for you.
  • Massage of cucumber or cucumber juice will give you relief from chapped and dry lips.
  • Drink plenty of water in a day to regain the required moisture level.
  • Apply ghee or butter or milk cream of uncooked milk on your lips before going to sleep.
  • Apply lip balm frequently when you are at work.
  • Avoid smoking as it will dry your lips and cause you to bear pain.
  • Use Chap Stick.
  • Take food rich in vitamin B and C.
  • Mix glycerin with milk cream and apply on lips before sleeping and leave for the whole night.
  • Avoid lip biting.

Winter Lip Care 101

Winter Lip Care 101

In winter, we lose plenty of moisture from our skin, and this is one condition, which is really impossible to avoid. The dry and cold wind conditions are such that it strips us of the natural moisture content that we generate, which makes it is essential for us to replenish the lost moisture externally. And lip care is just as essential as care for the rest of the body!

Why is lip care essential?

Most of us know that our facial skin is ten times thinner than the rest of the body and thus it contains oil glands for its protection. But the skin on our lips doesn’t contain oil glands at all. This is why during winters they become dry, crack and even bleed some times.

Hence it becomes very important for us to take proper care of it. Let us now understand the reasons as to why we have chapped lips.

chapped lips

The Reasons for Chapped Lips

1. During winter season, cold and dry conditions contribute to chapping of lips as the surroundings tend to strip our skin of its moisture.
2. The older you get, the higher are the chances for lips to dry.
3. Biting and licking lips is the worst habit we usually have, which adds to dry and bleeding lips.
4. Constantly touching our lips using our hands also leave behind bacteria, which then could aggravate chapped lips problem.

dry lips