6 Worst Body Language

6 Worst Body Language Mistakes You Can Make in an Interview

Many hiring managers know in the first 5 or 10 minutes if a candidate is going to continue in the process. Your body language says a lot about if you’re going to be the right fit. However much you hear that managers will hire because of your experience and education, team fit is a crucial component to determine from the interview process. If you appear timid, scared, unhappy, overpowering, emotional, or rude, you will often get bounced from the process. Often, you don’t even know you’re sending these signals, it’s the nerves that cause it. These 6 body language mistakes should be avoided.

1. Crossing Your Arms

Crossing your arms shows a level of boredom or timidity during the interview. It pulls your shoulders down, making you look defeated. One time, during an interview I had, the interviewer, a VP at the company asked his first question, then crossed his arms and leaned all the way back in his chair until he was almost lying down. He stayed this way throughout the interview. I knew at this action that he didn’t want to be there and that I wouldn’t be getting the job.

2. Slouching

Slouching or leaning over in the chair sends the message that you’re disinterested in the job or lazy. This is worse than crossing your arms and could be perceived that you feel like you have a better place to be.

3. Frowning

Though this may seem like an obvious point, hiring managers are amazed at the number of candidates who frown during a tough stretch of an interview. When you’re nervous, your body shows your nerves in different ways. One awful way is by frowning at a difficult question or at the wrong time. A smile is inviting and will help an interviewer like you  – be conscious of how you react to certain questions.

4. Leaning Too Far Forward

Leaning in to a table isn’t always bad, sometimes it can be very effectively used to emphasize a point. However, leaning in shows aggression at times and you need to be careful how much you use it. If you spend too much of the interview leaned into the table, you may come off as overbearing.

5. Avoiding Eye Contact

It is said the eyes are the window to the soul. Making solid eye contact with the interviewer is a key to connecting with her. In group interviews, spread the love around the room by making eye contact with different people in the interview.
Young man have job interview.

6. Too Intense

Intensity is not a bad thing when used in moderation. Once, I was performing a panel interview and the candidate was staring intently at people when answering questions. He didn’t blink. He pushed forward over the table, one time grabbing the hands of an interviewer to emphasize the point. It was uncomfortable. Though he was qualified on paper, his personality seemed too intense for our work environment.
Pull back the intensity, smile, look away when necessary.
Your body language has a tremendous impact on the hiring manager when you’re being interviewed. Avoid these 6 body language mistakes and get the job!


Petite Maxi Dress

Petite Maxi Dress

Woman wearing maxi dress

Good things may come in small packages, but try telling that to a petite lady shopping for a maxi dress. The growing frustration you feel as the gorgeous, floaty styles you have admired on friends swamp you and somehow conspire to make you appear even shorter is enough to make you give up on the style. However, it is possible to be both petite and beautiful in a maxi dress. You just need to find a maxi designed specifically with your proportions in mind.


Fashion e-tailer Asos has a wide selection of petite clothing, including some fabulous maxis perfectly proportioned to flatter petite figures.

Maxi Suggestions

  • This Button Through Long Sleeve Maxi Dress is a super-comfortable everyday style in a soft-touch jersey fabric. Easy to layer up depending on the weather, this is a great dress for all seasons. It comes in black and deep teal in petite sizes 0 to 12. The dress is very reasonable, retailing for less than $45.
  • If you’re looking for something a little more glam, try this Backless Maxi Dress in Marble Print. This is a real stunner made in a delicate sheer chiffon with a scooped neckline and dipped back with spaghetti straps. It is perfect for a summer wedding worn with flats or an evening function with heels and sophisticated make-up. The dress is available in petite sizes 0 to 12 and retails for just under $125.

Shopping Experience

The Asos website has a great filter which allows you get very specific about what you’re looking for, from brand to color to style. They also do a great job of recommending further options to complement your chosen item. There is a very useful FAQ section with answers for customer queries.
Shipping options are extensive, including a free shipping option (which takes up to six days). All returns are free and there are often deals to be found on the homepage. It is worth checking out their loyalty option- Asos Premier – which gives you unlimited free two-day shipping for an annual $39 fee.


Department store Kohl’s is another well-known retailer catering specifically to petite ladies.

Maxi Suggestions

  • The Solid Maxi Dress is a great choice for holiday wear. Featuring a pleated neckline and keyhole accent, the soft jersey material and matching belt make it both flattering and comfortable. Available in onyx (black) and red, this dress comes in petite sizes XS to XL. It retails for $68.
  • A brighter alternative is this Satin Halter Maxi Dress in pink (also available in a floral pattern). Its waistband breaks up your frame and draws attention to your waist, and the high front slit adds an extra dimension of glam. Available in petite sizes from XXS to XL, this dress retails for $70.

Shopping Experience

Shop in person at any of the many Kohl’s stores throughout the US (to find your nearest, use their online store locator and enter your city or zip code). You can also shop online from the comfort of your home.
Kohl’s has a hassle-free returns policy which allows you to return an item purchased online to your nearest store location.


Macy’s sells petite maxi dresses from a number of top designers. Head here if you want some slightly pricier options for a special occasion.

Maxis Suggestions

  • This INC International Concepts Petite Sleeveless Crochet Maxi Dress (pictured) is a sultry option for a summer night. With a lace overlay and scalloped hem, it’s the little details that make this maxi special. Available in petite sizes XS to XL, this dress retails just under $140.
  • This Spense Petite Sleeveless Lace Drawstring-Waist Maxi Dress is another gorgeous alternative for petite ladies. Available in navy, jade or coral, this very feminine style features a delicate lace overlay and a flattering drawstring waist. It comes in sizes 2P to 14P and retails just under $140.

Shopping Experience

Macy’s has retail stores throughout the country. You can use their online store locator to find one near you or order online and have your items delivered to your home.
Macy’s offers several different shipping options and is testing out the ‘pick-up’ concept in some of its stores, allowing you to purchase online and pick up your item at your nearest store. This option is very helpful if you won’t be available at home to sign for deliveries.


Anthropologie caters beautifully to the petite lady, with many styles specifically made to fit those under 5″4, as illustrated in their Petite Fit Guide. There is a huge selection of perfect-fitting maxis to suit every style.

Maxis Suggestions

  • The Talassemtane Maxi Dress gets rave reviews from customers on the Anthroplogie website. An easy and breezy style, this versatile maxi can be taken from day to night and casual to dressy. The pattern is a striking batik design in cream, black and jade. It comes in petite sizes XXS to L and retails for under $130.
  • The Boteh Maxi is a real show-stopper created by famed Indian designer Ranna Gill, who is known for her intricate and bejeweled designs. At just over $225, it is slightly pricier than the other options but the price reflects this beautifully made classic that will see you through years of holidays and summertime fun. The dress is available in sizes 00P to 12P.

Shopping Experience

Anthropologie has stores all over the U.S. – find your nearest store on their website or shop online and have your items delivered. They have many delivery options, including express and overnight if you are really desperate to receive your dress quickly!
The customer reviews are the best feature of the Anthropologie website, as each reviewer leaves her height and body type details (and sometimes a photo of herself in the item too) so you can really appreciate what a particular piece might look like on your specific shape.

Maxis for Petite Ladies

There is no excuse for settling for shapeless and unflattering maxi dresses just because you are petite in stature. It is definitely possible to find your perfect maxi style no matter your height. Just remember to search out the retailers who cater specifically for your shape rather than trying out maxis made for standard heights.

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