7 Tips for a Career

7 Tips for a Career Boost Through Your Self Evaluation

Annual reviews can be a stressful time, but it can also be a time for positive career development. The self evaluation is a tool to describe how well you’ve performed the previous year. You can use the self evaluation to help drive the performance appraisal process and instead of letting your manager decide the path to take, you can help steer the conversation to the positives that will help boost your career. These 7 tips will not only help you with a career boost, but they will also help you create a career development plan that will change your path at a company.

1. Speak in Terms of Career Development

Managers are looking for staff who they can trust. Writing your self evaluation in terms of career development will demonstrate your desire to work at a company long term. It demonstrates leadership capability: you want to take responsibility for yourself and how you can contribute in your role. As you write your self evaluation, discuss how goals fit into your career path and how your accomplishments contribute to the department and company.
For example, if you’re answering a question about teamwork, discuss your role and how it relates to the team

As a team, we’ve had a number of resource challenges this year. I’ve worked hard to compensate for these challenges by including people in projects in the places that are a best fit for them. I’ve also contributed to a number of projects my co-workers are working on, specifically the software refresh project, one we delivered two weeks ahead of schedule. Teamwork is a core principle for our department and one which I am working hard to fulfill.

When you craft your answers to the bigger picture and to career development, you’ll find your manager will review you based on the foundation you’ve set.

2. Be Specific About Successes

This is your self evaluation. Be specific about what you’ve accomplished the past year. You’ll find that the successes you discuss will inevitably end up on your performance review. Most managers have a ton of performance reviews, 360 evaluations, self reviews, and HR paperwork to complete during the performance review process. Writing a detailed self evaluation, highlighting your successes, will increase the likelihood these details will end up in your performance evaluation.

I created a new customer service manual to be used for level 2 incidents. I performed thorough research and testing and designed the manual to improve customer care. After rollout, we saw a 22% decrease in calls needing to be escalated to level 3 and a 26% increase in customer care satisfaction surveys.

3. Ask How Your Self Evaluation Will Be Used

Ask your manager what he will use the self evaluation for. Ask if he will share it, if it will be used for raises, or if it will be in your HR file. Many managers use the self evaluation to help them prepare the performance review, so as you write, think about how you can make it easy for your boss to use it. Knowing the larger audience that will read your self evaluation will help you decide how to write it.

4. Carefully Acknowledge Mistakes

Instead of highlighting your mistakes, write about development opportunities. Writing about shortcomings can be a difficult process and one which can be used against you in the future. Instead, write about an area you need to work on and how you are going to improve in the future.

One area I am focusing on this year is improving my communication skills. Due to geographically distances between team members, we often have difficulty being on the same page. I am increasing the number of meetings I have with fellow staff and shifting my schedule a day a week to improve in this area.

5. Rate Yourself Objectively

When you have facts and examples for a specific topic area, it’s easy to rate yourself an “Exceeds Expectations,” when it’s less clear, you may have to settle on a “Meets Expectations.” Think about each area you’re rating and how you would be rated objectively. If in doubt, think about how your manager will rate you and how you can justify your rating if your manager rates you lower.
Business seminar

6. Ask for Training, Mentoring, and Coaching

Managers love employees who ask for help. Review the areas you’re challenged in and judiciously as for training, mentoring, and coaching. Use the performance appraisal process as a career development opportunity. Remember: if you don’t ask for it, you won’t receive it.
Be specific in your requests and how your manager can help.

As I was promoted to supervisor this year, I’ve worked hard to help develop staff and improve performance for our team. Over the next year, I’d like coaching to help further develop my team and continue the path we’re on to high performance.

7. Plan for Next Year

Turn the performance review process into a positive one by framing your self evaluation by asking for what you can do over the next year. Ask questions like, “What tasks would help you or the team that I can take over?” or “What projects do you see me working on over the next year?”
Building your self evaluation into one that helps develop you as an employee will chance the dreaded process into one that you both enjoy and benefit from.

Save Time Writing Your Self Evaluation

Writing your self evaluation can take hours of time. You can write a self evaluation that shines with our pre-written self evaluation paragraphs. Impress your manager and move your career forward by saying the right thing on your performance review! $18.95 – instant download. More Info »


My Business

7 Reasons I Should Incorporate My Business in Wyoming

Did you know that when you incorporate your business, you pay fewer taxes? Did you also know that the state where you incorporate can have a huge impact on your business overall? While you can incorporate your business in any state in the U.S., there are a range of different filing fees, licensing fees and other “hidden” fees that you may not even be told about until after you have incorporated and it’s too late to change your mind.
There are three ways you can incorporate your business:

  1. Hire a lawyer (this is the most expensive option)
  2. Do it yourself by walking in to the State Department (not recommended unless you have experience)
  3. Hire a professional incorporation company (many people choose this option but it’s not mandatory)

The state of Wyoming offers significant incorporation benefits, different from other states. Here are seven compelling reasons to choose Wyoming over any other state.

No Licensing or Filing Fees

Unlike other states, Wyoming does not charge licensing or filing fees to complete the incorporation process. You also won’t find any hidden fees after you file, as you do in other states where they hit you with a $125 filing fee 30 days after you incorporate which they don’t tell you about upfront. This means that your overall start up costs can be greatly reduced. The state renewal fee is only $50, which means your ongoing costs will be reduced as well.

Asset Protection

Corporations in Wyoming offer a higher degree of asset protection against creditors and disgruntled clients with overzealous attorneys. You and your officers don’t have to worry about losing your home, car or other personal assets. Wyoming has had LLC, limited liability companies, available since 1977, and its laws were updated in 2010 in order to stay current with the times. They have the most stringent laws in place in order to protect LLCs and their assets.

Citizenship Not Required

In order to incorporate your business in Wyoming you do not need to be a U.S. citizen. In fact, you can be located anywhere in the world. It should be noted, however, that there are certain exceptions to this rule. Certain countries, including Cuba, Zimbabwe, Iran, North Korea, and Burma are not eligible for incorporation of a Wyoming business. Also, if you need a U.S. bank account, you must physically visit the U.S. so they can verify your ID. There are no extra fees involved with incorporating even if you live outside the U.S.

No State Taxes

Wyoming is one of the few states that do not require corporations to pay state taxes. Think of how much money this will save you each year. The potential is a savings of thousands of dollars. You could use this extra money to put back into your business or to give your employees a bonus. Wyoming is one of the only states that have a budget surplus. There have never been state taxes on corporations here, and there likely never will be. Other states’ lobbyists are fighting hard to impose taxes there and it will happen sooner rather than later.


Unlike other states, there is no requirement in Wyoming for the manager or LLC members to be entered into a public database. Your privacy is protected and ensured when you incorporate your business in Wyoming. The bottom line: your private and personal information will not be made available to the public. Nominee officers are not required to be listed, ensuring an even greater level of privacy.

Easy to Move

If you are already incorporated in your home state and you would like to move to Wyoming, you don’t have to worry because Wyoming makes it easy to move and is one of the only states that allow this. There are some restrictions, including:
* The date for your renewal in your home state must be more than 6 weeks away from the time you start the moving process.
* There may be a fee you must pay to your state for dissolving the company there.
Wyoming is considered one of the most “business friendly” states, due to the reasons above, and the fact that the incorporating process is very simple and straightforward. Any business can incorporate in Wyoming, but among the most popular are those that don’t actually have brick and mortar buildings. That is, they are service businesses, home businesses, or internet businesses. Just about any industry can become incorporated, including catering, restaurants, marketing, and even hair barrette makers..
There are certain rules associated with incorporating, such as annual meetings and number of shareholders, among others. It’s important that you understand all of the rules and guidelines associated with owning a corporation regardless of which state you file in. Do your research both online and offline, and talk to others who have incorporated. Get their input on the advantages and disadvantages. It’s not as difficult as some lawyers make it out to be, but there are certain guidelines that must be adhered to. Once you incorporate your business, you will have many cost advantages and will be able to save thousands on your taxes and other fees. This will increase your bottom line and put more money in your pocket. And isn’t that what owning a business is all about?



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Young Lady

How to Be a Classy Young Lady

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If you would like to know how to be a classy looking and acting young lady, this is the article for you! Learn to be sophisticated, mature and responsible as a teen, collegiate or young woman.



  1. Be a Classy Young Lady Step 1.jpg

    Get the look. Meticulous hygiene and grooming are mandated. No one likes body odor, bad breath or slovenliness. Carry a toothbrush, mints, deodorant and eau de toilette with you at all times.

  2. Be a Classy Young Lady Step 2.jpg

    Hair should be neat, clean, and simple. Loose waves with a hair band or even a ponytail are very appropriate in today’s society. Flips, Bobs and Shags are classic, versatile, easy to wear hairstyles for today’s woman.

  3. Be a Classy Young Lady Step 3.jpg

    Do not curse/swear. Learning to hold your tongue will go a long way.

  4. Be a Classy Young Lady Step 4.jpg

    Have your eyebrows in a shape complementary to your face. Go to a salon and get this done. Update with a wax kit to maintain your shape.

  5. Be a Classy Young Lady Step 5.jpg

    Take care of your skin. Skin should be well cared for and clear of imperfections. Find a scrub, toner, and moisturizer that fits your skin type. Remember to wear sun lotion at all times if you’re going outside! Try to give yourself a mask facial once a week. For additional skin help, try giving yourself a steam facial once every two weeks. (It clears the pores.)

  6. Be a Classy Young Lady Step 6.jpg

    Use tooth whiteners and tobacco toothpaste for a brilliant smile. If your teeth are crooked, get braces. This is simple hygiene. Ladies teeth shouldn’t rot out of their mouths.

  7. Be a Classy Young Lady Step 7.jpg

    Take care with your makeup. Your makeup should be classic and unoffensive. Men truly are attracted to women whose faces they can actually see! This means wearing only mascara with matte lipstick – not gloss – and bronzer. For added drama add tinted moisturizer, one shade of sheer eyeshadow over your crease, and eyeliner. That should take your look into the evening.

  8. Be a Classy Young Lady Step 8.jpg

    Take care ‘all over’ with your appearance. Your modest appearance will attract the right people. Follow your school or work dress codes to the letter. Learning to be creative within the bounds will actually make you more original. Anyone can wear the low-cut top and miniskirt. Dare to be clothed. Dare to be different.

    • A conservative or preppy look is best for this time of your life, when you are at your most vulnerable. Make sure hemlines reach the knee and necklines reach the collarbone area. Invest your hard-earned money in a few quality clothing and jewelry pieces that you will need your whole life.
    • This Includes: a trench or pea coat, a simple basic dress, and suit ensemble. Buy the simplest, most expensive purse you can find in a medium size. Don’t forget the closed toe 1″ heels!
  9. Be a Classy Young Lady Step 9.jpg

    Buy natural fiber clothes. They feel better, last longer, and say a lot about the woman you wish to become.

  10. Be a Classy Young Lady Step 10.jpg

    Take care of more than just your appearance. Parents and coworkers will appreciate a woman who cares more about her education and her work ethic than her salon appointment. This will reflect in how you are viewed by those in authority. Who do you think gets the break when her homework isn’t turned in one day? Teachers are harder on a girl who admits to spending two hours doing her nails than the one who is usually consistent.

  11. Be a Better Student Step 1.jpg

    Study really hard. The people worth knowing will advance you in the right direction. These people are generally very smart. If they find you worthy, they could help you move your mountains. Remember, every step of your path counts!

  12. Reach Your Dreams Step 4.jpg

    Prove yourself at Work. A lady is always punctual and courteous. Learn every facet of your job and the things that go with it. The boss will notice you if you work really hard and promote you over the lazy clock watcher.

  13. Be a Classy Young Lady Step 13.jpg

    Don’t date Jerks. They are rude cretins who not worth your time. They will ultimately deter your path to greatness. They will embarrass and hurt you. They could even ruin your life by killing your dreams.

  14. Be a Classy Young Lady Step 14.jpg

    Don’t have sex for as long as possible. You don’t need Aids or babies right now. This is your time to shine. Why tie yourself down with a premature family? Focus on you. The family comes later.

  15. Enjoy Change Step 7.jpg

    Look for quality friends who share your interests. If you don’t have any interests, or lack suitable goals, now is the time to cultivate some. Sign up for everything to find your niche. Community Centers and free events are the perfect place to start because they are cheap and accessible.

  16. Stop Being Fake Step 4.jpg

    Have excellent manners. Your first impression really does count. Make it a good one. “People Watch” for just one day and you will notice how very little etiquette matters to the general masses anymore. That puts you in the small percentage that will be noticed for a good reason.

  17. Be a Classy Young Lady Step 17.jpg

    Have a clean house! Juggling school and work with your family life isn’t easy but at least pick up after yourself, throw out the trash and make your bed. A sanitary and dust free home are always necessary for health reasons.

  18. Not to Be Shy at a New School Step 7.jpg

    Be prepared. You never know when an opportunity will present itself and you will need to be prepared. Always have some beverages and snacks available. This is part of the etiquette we spoke of before.

  19. Be a Classy Young Lady Step 19.jpg

    Try to decorate your home tastefully and practically. Have a theme room or a basic concept for your house. Try basic color schemes without too much fuss. A few collectibles are nice, a few hundred are not.

  20. 20

    Buy sturdy, quality furniture made to last. A lady doesn’t sleep on the floor or sit on milk crate couches. The goodwill and yard sales have decent things when your on a budget.

Black Dress

How to Wear a Black Dress and Look Amazing, Courtesy of Lady Mary on Downton Abbey

But with that whole widow thing going on, Lady Mary starts out season four deeply immersed in a sartorial mourning state. It’s been six months since Matthew’s untimely demise, but she’s still despondent and wearing zero color. But just because she’s moping about in somber all-black, that doesn’t mean she can’t look stunning, per usual. So let’s take some lessons from Lady Mary on how to make black not the least bit basic and eventually introduce color back into the wardrobe, just in time for the end of the episode (hallelujah!).



For a daytime all-black look, Mary went for extra detail—intricate brocade detail on her collared, drop-waist shirtdress. Her accessories of choice: a book of sad poetry (presumably) and a morose demeanor.



But she still has to eat, and as Downton Abbey and early-20th-century-history buffs know, this class of people gets dressed for dinner. Every evening. So Mary’s jazzing up her black shift gown with a lush velvet texture, black beads, and over-the-elbow silk gloves. The end effect: chic with a little attitude, especially to tell off a well-meaning Carson.



Lady Mary has to hit rock bottom at some point, and a talk with the fortune-squandering, just-can’t-help-himself chauvinist Lord Grantham (otherwise known as Dad) is just what she needed to send her there. Mary finally sees the light and goes to apologize to poor Carson, all well looking pretty damn amazing in an shimmery beaded flapper dress. And those gloves—let’s bring them back!



First order of business after seeing the light, reintroduce some color—and why not with a soft and lovely shade of lilac? Lady Mary’s pleated and embroidered-collar day dress is perfect to charm all those tenant farmers at the Friday luncheon. No wonder Branson gave her his seat.



For a reinvigorated dinner look, Mary mixed a deep wine hue into her signature black-beaded dress. The ethereal sheer cap sleeves add a soft, feminine touch to the look too. And just in time to find out that Matthew did indeed make out a will—well, sort of.



This purple palette is really working for a transitional mourning wardrobe! For a visit to Granny Dowager Countess Grantham, Lady Mary went for an aristocratic aubergine long-sleeve dress and upped her accessories game with a matching cloche and long necklace.



By the end of the season premiere, Lady Mary was back in full force, both sartorially and mentally—closing out with a drop-dead-gorgeous beaded magenta frock and a zinger for crusty old Lord Grantham. Snap! Can’t wait for the rest of the season.

How to Choose a Bikini

How to Choose a Bikini

Choose a suit that fits your style.

If you’re mulling over how to choose a bikini for the upcoming swim season, there are a few considerations to factor into your ultimate decision. Read on as LoveToKnow helps you select the right swimsuit for your body type and lifestyle.

Thoughts on How to Choose a Bikini

For most people, the first and foremost decision regarding bikini selection deals with their budget. However, a swimsuit that fits and flatters your frame is truly priceless. So before you start counting your dollars and putting away your credit card, it’s important for you to note that a less expensive swimsuit may not be cut to your frame as ideally as a brand name piece that takes into consideration the complexity of the female form.

Examining Your Body Type

Your body type should be your first consideration in how to choose a bikini. If you’re going to bare practically all at the beach, then you want to pick the bikini that’s right for you. If you’re a zealous gym attendee who excels at spin class, chances are that bikini shopping will be easier for you than for others. However, many women who work out on a regular basis still have figure flaws they want to hide or downplay. Fortunately, bikinis come in many styles that can accentuate your best features and distract from your worst.
If your thighs aren’t a showpiece but your upper body is strong and fit, then a halter bikini can really magnify your shoulders, thus drawing attention away from your less than perfect areas. Bikinis with boy shorts or boy briefs can also provide more coverage for your lower half. However, if your legs are your ticket to fame but your torso lacks tone, the tankini swimsuit is a godsend. Do note that apron tankinis will not offer the same coverage and security as the traditional camisole tankini.

Bra top bikinis are best for women with more than ample chests. These sports-bra like swimsuits will hold your assets in while you hit the shores.
The string bikini can either be a real hit or a complete miss with certain body types, so this swimsuit style is best reserved for fit and well-toned figures. Women willing to reveal more skin may even choose to look into the micro bikini or the super micro styles. Be forewarned that the latter two swimsuit styles may not be acceptable for public beachwear and should be reserved for private pool areas due to their exotically revealing nature.

Lifestyle Considerations

Are you an active swimmer? Do your beach visits include a tendency towards water sports and heavily athletic activities? These are factors you definitely want to consider when you’re wondering how to choose a bikini. Yes, there are several bikini styles that may seem like flattering options. However, if you’re lifestyle is quick and sporty, you may find that string and micro bikinis won’t hold up to your activity level. Many women who have worn string designs to water parks can relay a sad tale of ill-coverage. Surfer girls generally wear bra top styles to counteract the rough and tearing effects of the waves.
However, if you’re an avid tanner, you will be looking for as little coverage as possible. Many teens and young women specifically hit the shores in hopes of developing a bronze glow, so string bikinis offer the least amount of tan lines. The skimpier the style, the better for this activity. Thong Bikinis will lessen tan lines along the derriere region, but they are a risk for imperfect figures. Also, do keep in mind that although sheer bikinis are the most effective for avoiding tan lines, they also tend to be too revealing for public areas.

Where to Purchase

If you need more assistance in choosing a bikini, it’s always a good idea to visit a specialty swim shop. The salespeople are usually well equipped to answer many questions regarding styles and brand options. After all, they deal with all kinds of customers on a daily basis. Moreover, the swim industry is always evolving to suit the needs of women, so a swim shop will typically carry the latest innovative trends.

Petite Maxi Dress

Petite Maxi Dress

Woman wearing maxi dress

Good things may come in small packages, but try telling that to a petite lady shopping for a maxi dress. The growing frustration you feel as the gorgeous, floaty styles you have admired on friends swamp you and somehow conspire to make you appear even shorter is enough to make you give up on the style. However, it is possible to be both petite and beautiful in a maxi dress. You just need to find a maxi designed specifically with your proportions in mind.


Fashion e-tailer Asos has a wide selection of petite clothing, including some fabulous maxis perfectly proportioned to flatter petite figures.

Maxi Suggestions

  • This Button Through Long Sleeve Maxi Dress is a super-comfortable everyday style in a soft-touch jersey fabric. Easy to layer up depending on the weather, this is a great dress for all seasons. It comes in black and deep teal in petite sizes 0 to 12. The dress is very reasonable, retailing for less than $45.
  • If you’re looking for something a little more glam, try this Backless Maxi Dress in Marble Print. This is a real stunner made in a delicate sheer chiffon with a scooped neckline and dipped back with spaghetti straps. It is perfect for a summer wedding worn with flats or an evening function with heels and sophisticated make-up. The dress is available in petite sizes 0 to 12 and retails for just under $125.

Shopping Experience

The Asos website has a great filter which allows you get very specific about what you’re looking for, from brand to color to style. They also do a great job of recommending further options to complement your chosen item. There is a very useful FAQ section with answers for customer queries.
Shipping options are extensive, including a free shipping option (which takes up to six days). All returns are free and there are often deals to be found on the homepage. It is worth checking out their loyalty option- Asos Premier – which gives you unlimited free two-day shipping for an annual $39 fee.


Department store Kohl’s is another well-known retailer catering specifically to petite ladies.

Maxi Suggestions

  • The Solid Maxi Dress is a great choice for holiday wear. Featuring a pleated neckline and keyhole accent, the soft jersey material and matching belt make it both flattering and comfortable. Available in onyx (black) and red, this dress comes in petite sizes XS to XL. It retails for $68.
  • A brighter alternative is this Satin Halter Maxi Dress in pink (also available in a floral pattern). Its waistband breaks up your frame and draws attention to your waist, and the high front slit adds an extra dimension of glam. Available in petite sizes from XXS to XL, this dress retails for $70.

Shopping Experience

Shop in person at any of the many Kohl’s stores throughout the US (to find your nearest, use their online store locator and enter your city or zip code). You can also shop online from the comfort of your home.
Kohl’s has a hassle-free returns policy which allows you to return an item purchased online to your nearest store location.


Macy’s sells petite maxi dresses from a number of top designers. Head here if you want some slightly pricier options for a special occasion.

Maxis Suggestions

  • This INC International Concepts Petite Sleeveless Crochet Maxi Dress (pictured) is a sultry option for a summer night. With a lace overlay and scalloped hem, it’s the little details that make this maxi special. Available in petite sizes XS to XL, this dress retails just under $140.
  • This Spense Petite Sleeveless Lace Drawstring-Waist Maxi Dress is another gorgeous alternative for petite ladies. Available in navy, jade or coral, this very feminine style features a delicate lace overlay and a flattering drawstring waist. It comes in sizes 2P to 14P and retails just under $140.

Shopping Experience

Macy’s has retail stores throughout the country. You can use their online store locator to find one near you or order online and have your items delivered to your home.
Macy’s offers several different shipping options and is testing out the ‘pick-up’ concept in some of its stores, allowing you to purchase online and pick up your item at your nearest store. This option is very helpful if you won’t be available at home to sign for deliveries.


Anthropologie caters beautifully to the petite lady, with many styles specifically made to fit those under 5″4, as illustrated in their Petite Fit Guide. There is a huge selection of perfect-fitting maxis to suit every style.

Maxis Suggestions

  • The Talassemtane Maxi Dress gets rave reviews from customers on the Anthroplogie website. An easy and breezy style, this versatile maxi can be taken from day to night and casual to dressy. The pattern is a striking batik design in cream, black and jade. It comes in petite sizes XXS to L and retails for under $130.
  • The Boteh Maxi is a real show-stopper created by famed Indian designer Ranna Gill, who is known for her intricate and bejeweled designs. At just over $225, it is slightly pricier than the other options but the price reflects this beautifully made classic that will see you through years of holidays and summertime fun. The dress is available in sizes 00P to 12P.

Shopping Experience

Anthropologie has stores all over the U.S. – find your nearest store on their website or shop online and have your items delivered. They have many delivery options, including express and overnight if you are really desperate to receive your dress quickly!
The customer reviews are the best feature of the Anthropologie website, as each reviewer leaves her height and body type details (and sometimes a photo of herself in the item too) so you can really appreciate what a particular piece might look like on your specific shape.

Maxis for Petite Ladies

There is no excuse for settling for shapeless and unflattering maxi dresses just because you are petite in stature. It is definitely possible to find your perfect maxi style no matter your height. Just remember to search out the retailers who cater specifically for your shape rather than trying out maxis made for standard heights.

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